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more noise from header than exhaust

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anyone experiencing more noise from the header than the exhaust. i have a world sport exhaust, the noise from the header at 3500-4000 rpm is just uncomfortble. any sugestions??
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i'm using a cheap ebay intake i cut up and dc sports tsx headers
no its not like an intake noise and definatly from the front of the car so its gota be the header. i'm not getting a leak there so might be the header pipping. and the header does make sound. the apex exhaust i have is one of the quietest out there
the header is new and its the dc sports tsx i'm thinking it's the thin pipe they use also just asking some feedbaks, if i keep it at 3000 rpm its ok hehe. now that you mentioned it it could be the flex part also but its new i'm look into that
thanks luder i just wanted to know anyone else was experiencing that
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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