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Had a customer with an EP3 just pick up a K20A2 Head and K24 Block that I am doing for him. Part of the deal was I stuck with some new parts he had already bought for the ep3. These parts are all new, but they are open. Will be posting some pictures tomorrow.

Skunk2 Tuner 1 K20A3 Camshafts - $225 Shipped

Koyo Ep3 Radiator - $225 Shipped

Skunk2 Flat Valve's K20A3 - $200 Shipped

Skunk2 Exhaust Cam Gear - $85 Shipped

Skunk2 Tuner Series Valve Springs - $150 Shipped

Skunk2 Tuner Series Titanium Retainers - $100 Shipped

Je Pistons (gotta double check the specs) - $250 Shipped

Will have pictures and more info tomorrow.
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