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Modifying a K20A2 oil pump for K24...

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Im building a K24 and looking at the huge oil pump and drive shaft assembly for the balance shafts. Its ugly, its useless and I dont want it. So I pull a RSX oil pump off the shelf and lo and behold it wont fit. :( So I modify it!!!!
Now with the K20A2 pump (modified internally for better flow) new drive chain and windage tray Im ready to go! Oh and the motor weighs about 9 lbs less BTW. Losing rotating mass is never a bad thing.
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Lucid Moments said:
So are you going to be selling modified K20A2 oil pumps?
I would certainly modify some for people.
Im not sure on that one. I have yet to get my grubby mits (see above photo) on a K20A pump. If anyone has one that they would like to split apart in the name of science and post pics I would appreciate it.
PapiTuyo326 said:
nice work!!! I might be interested in having you mod an oil pump for me...

Send it! I think you have my address still from when you sent me this motor. :D
jon v said:
So what do you do to mod yours? split them apart and put them back together?

No, I port the inside of it for better flow and modify the pickup so it can suck more in. Its easy to do if you have the right tools. (head porting and polishing equip.)
I will start a new post when it is done. With pics of everthing. The owner is very tight about giving out too much information. But when it is done there wont be any secrets held back. Stay tuned.

I am actually building 2 right now with very different setups and goals. It is quite fun. I will post both results in a few weeks when they are on the road and tearing up tires.
Cool, let me know. Im interested to see if Honda had any tricks up their sleeve for the K20A oil pumps.
I really dont think they are any different either, but you never know. :)
Oh BTW I havent tried to fit the TSX oil pan yet. This engine will probably get the RSX pan and baffles but I want to find out if both pans will work the same. Just for future reference.
Pump, chain, and windage tray. The pans are interchangable.
Look at the second to last pic, the windage tray is the steel pan that covers the rods. It keeps oil from splashing onto the rods while the car is in motion.
Its all covered by the pan and timing cover.
Yeah they are right jon v. The TSX and EP3 oil pump assemblies use balance shafts. They shafts require a fresh oil supply so they take it off of the bottom of the crank girdle that supplies the main bearings. This must be plugged before you can use the RSX pump. It is easily done with a short 8mm bolt (I think its 8mm) and a washer. Here is a pic of the port and plug. The oil orifice needs to be removed then a bolt put in to plug the bleed hole.


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I would have to see what they are talking about. Got any pics? or a link to the article?
Yeah it was already threaded. Maybe some aren't. I havent seen one yet. Do you know which ones that you have seen unthreaded? Are they K24A1/2/4s?
You can use the TSX pan with the type s pump, you just cant use the type S pan with the TSX/EP3 pump.
I lost them in my server crash. Let me see if I have copies somewhere. edit* here we are... The last pic shows he plug that needs to be installed in the oil feed for the TSX/EP3 oil pump removal. The gold colored bolt is blocking the old oil feed.


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Yes, thats what this entire thread is about.
Pressure is not the problem with the K series pumps, it is flow nad cavitation at high rpms. More pressure just aggitates the problem. At about 8800 the stock RSX pump begins to foam the oil in the pump and causes all sorts of oiling issues in the engine. I port and polish the pumps to make them flow a little easier and help reduce the issue. The best fix we have found so far is to modify an S2000 pump to fit and it works much better.
tony4380 said:
thanks... how much yould you charge for the service... and would it even be necessary for a stock bottom end with a built head revving to 8500?
For the K24 modification and internal work it is $120 plus shipping. We have seen significant oil pressure stabilization above 7500 with this setup.

I can supply the S2k pumps if you want one. I am not sure on price though.
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