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Modifying a K20A2 oil pump for K24...

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Im building a K24 and looking at the huge oil pump and drive shaft assembly for the balance shafts. Its ugly, its useless and I dont want it. So I pull a RSX oil pump off the shelf and lo and behold it wont fit. :( So I modify it!!!!
Now with the K20A2 pump (modified internally for better flow) new drive chain and windage tray Im ready to go! Oh and the motor weighs about 9 lbs less BTW. Losing rotating mass is never a bad thing.
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good job ghandi, care to explain details on the motor setup it looks very interesting unless you made another thread with details you care to link to?
and what are you planning to boost that block? care to share details on the intended setup of the motor?
yeah they all look the same to me unless the internal gear is bigger or something. but let me know i can ship it directly to ghandi to kill 2 birds
1 - 2 of 71 Posts
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