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I have 3 Integras a daily a mildly modified one and roller, plus recently bought a parts car. Two of the plans are K swap them starting with my nicest one.
I'm swapping k20a2 with 02 civic si 5-speed transmission. Currently need fuel system, conversion harness and figure out driveshaft axle stuff. I'm going to start the swap next week and go from there. That way I can see what I need and go from there minus whats mentioned above. So Any tips on anything using the DC2 chassis
for the swap?
What's the best way to mount the OEM Type S shifter box? mounting plate or karcepts style?
Fuel system trying to run all -8AN or -6AN with upgraded pump regular braided hose, push-lock hose or PTFE?
Axles I have Type-S axles but read Ep3 axles work perfect and so do RSX base model are this direct change over?
Cant I press front hubs in for 36mm or do I have to do a 5 lug conversion?
ABS removal from my car using manual rack do I need to change the brake master cylinder as well?
Those who have used amazon or eBay parts what's good for temporary use until switched out to name brand?

Any links to write-ups or DIY information appreciated read a lot and searched on here and many other places
but mot information is more towards Ek and eg models.

My set up:
96 acura integra LS
currently with running rebuilt LS B18b1

Engine- K20a2
Trans- 5 speed trans -2002 SI
Arp Head studs
RBC non-ported intake manifold with thermal gasket
karcepts TB plate for RBC
Stock k20 Throttle body
Drag cartel crank gear and timing chain guard
New timing chain, guides, and gaskets
Hasport mounts
Swivel thermostat housing
Fan switch, temp sensor-- B series
type-s shifter box
type-s shifter cables
type-s axles
type-s half shift
type-s engine harness
type-s power steering pump- using a manual rack probably
Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator
Radiator stock and alum half rad

Fuel system stuff fittings/pump hose
Conversion harness- Budget-friendly
Shifter box mount
Fuel pump relay
Coolant hose for heater/rad
Which radiator is better full or half?
Tips and cheats from wiring diagrams recommended fittings/hose routing vacuum line routing.

????? Since this virus bs, I'm going ahead and get the engine in the car.

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Where I'm at with swap now plumbing gathering adapters and lines and getting swap ready,
still need fuel rail or adapter to use my -6AN lines with stock rail.
clutch flywheel and figure out axles choice by ready to go axles or DIY. Ready to complete this project.
Anyone with opinions free to share.. Watch for an upcoming build thread.
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