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C-Zero said:
DTranJDMDC5 said:
Hey all, I would appreciate any feedback from this:

I am in the process of buying new rims but plan to buy a big brake kit also. Some kits require this and that minimum rim diameter. Should I just go with 18s...Also, I was wondering what is the maximum width of the rims that I can get that could still allow to fully turn the steering wheel? This one guy said he put 18x8 on his and says that there was no problem, is this true? Thanks alot! :roll:
17x7 don't need it any bigger, thats all big brakes kits need to fit. You don't need bigger, or I will start calling you RICER!!!
I would agree... 17 is probably ideal for the wheel base width, etc. 19's have been put on the chassis, but obviously that is a quite large wheel. Personally, I wouldnt go with anything any bigger than an 18, simply because Im more interested in function over fashion. +3 and above, tends to be just for vanity. Unless that is you are pushing insane amounts of Hp, and need some more surface area for grip.
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