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Are there a lot of major modifications to drop and wire a k20 into an EK? Just wanted to know because i've been looking for a swap and it seems that the k20 swap is a very potentially powerful beast. Can anyone tell me about this swap? Im from Hawaii and there are a lot swap jobs but mostly of b-series. I really want to be different. And i really want to be fast?

How long does this swap take? What does it depend on?
How much does this swap cost?
Please someone help me out!

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If you want the k20a2 from the type S, around $6000+

If you want the k20a from the Japanese Integra Dc5 aroud $8000+

If you have all the parts, it should take 1-2 days depending on who is doing.

The motor can be positioned pretty fast but then you have to do work inside the cabin for the shifter and the pnp harness so that the ECu can work with the stock cluster.

It does have potential for power but the initial investement is big. It is not for everyone, that is for sure.

Let us know what else you need,

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