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Lowering Constraints with K20

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Does the K20 sit pretty low in a DC2 chassis? I have seen pictures where the oil pan isn't very high off of the ground at stock height compared to b-series motor, so if you lower the car will you have clearance issues, even possibly the oil pan hitting the ground? How low can you go without hitting things easily?
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With the ekk2 mount kit and eg crossmember does it give you more room between the Intake Manifold and the front of the car than in an eg?
jon v said:
I believe they move the motor back and up a little. So yes it should provide with a little extra room between the mani and the rad/rad support...
Do you think there is more room in that car with that setup than with an eg? in the front there?
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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