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Lowering Constraints with K20

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Does the K20 sit pretty low in a DC2 chassis? I have seen pictures where the oil pan isn't very high off of the ground at stock height compared to b-series motor, so if you lower the car will you have clearance issues, even possibly the oil pan hitting the ground? How low can you go without hitting things easily?
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The Oil pan is slightly lower, although this is not a problem. Nothing to worry about.
Here is a Picturer of the Ekk2 Mounts that Fearless_dsm is talking about . To use these mounts you will need to use the eg crossmember, lower control arms, eg shock forks, and eg power steering rack. The motor sits just about the same way it would in a eg.

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TeamPacman said:
Any Info about the car...Power???
Its not running yet.. Im going bring it to you for tunning though. :D
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