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Hi Chaps,

I just wanted to share some information, which can be worthwhile if you consider to remap your engine. Sorry, if I chose the wrong sub forum!

I was in contact with Markus for a long time and had plans to let him do my mapping. As life plays out, I had some very bad luck with my first engine and had to postpone this project for a year or two. Despite he invested already some time and also gave me some valuable tips and feedbacks FOC in hindsight for a job, he remained cool and understanding…

For the new engine I then planned an update on the intake side (RSP manifold with some modifications), which again he provided. I thought this might be a good test for Markus. If the manifold delivers on the dyno, then there is also probably something behind the goodwill he enjoys on the forums and he should do my mapping.

Unsurprisingly, the ITM performed very well! So it was time to meet him and take a 3 hour journey to Stuttgart (he offered me a virtual dyno session, but I preferred to meet in person). We had some bad luck with the weather, but Markus did deliver. After approx. 8 hours of tuning with some pauses, the engine got uber smooth, pulled even harder and feels so much better. Hard to describe, but you would feel and hear it. There is no topic, he did not touch. From cam angles, to ignition, to ignition retard on low gears…. (we have some residual work to do, but the engine is already better tuned than most tuners would be able to…). He also pointed out some “free” gains like the CAI, which we of course also tested during the day.

And to show you what a great and correct character he is: this day he met a friend of his idol (a chance, no normal guy would skip). But after lunch break he said, we must go and do the remaining work. Sorry, but lets meet on another occasion…

This probably says everything.

To summarize: If you want a very good map, do it with Markus. There aren’t many people that know that much. Be aware, that you also have to invest some time to deliver him all the necessary data (compression, Intake lengthes etc…) but certainly the Result will pay out and you will have an engine with another character…
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