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I invested in alot of used Honda and Acura Parts and wrecked DC5-S, TL, Accords, TSX, SI's, EK, EG etc. I have OEM Parts and aftermarket parts. Right now make me an offer and I will tell you what I can do. I have whole car part out too.

DC5-S 2005
1) OEM A-Spec Trunk Lip (Blue & Grey)
2) OEM A-Spec Side Skirts (Blue & Grey)
3) OEM Brake Master Cylinder Unit
4) OEM Oil Cooler
5) OEM Power Steering Pump
6) Front and Rear Brakes w/ Spindles
7) Used Tein Coilovers
8) Front Grill
9) Fuel Tank
10) Rear Bumper (Blue &Grey)
11) Tailights
12) Front & Rear Seats
13) OEM Front & Rear Sway Bars

I have two 2005 DC5-S. One has the complete K20Z1 swap. I am compression testing the engine before selling.

I just picked up (2) RBC IM's, (4) RBC intake cam gears, (4) PRB TB's, (2) PRB Al oil pans, and (4) k20 halfshafts.

I have K20Z3 cams, K20A2 cams, (2) K20Z3 longblocks. (2) PRB longblocks, (2) K24a2 longblocks. (2) CSX 20190829_132138.jpg

View attachment 100369

View attachment 100371

View attachment 100373

View attachment 100375

View attachment 100377

View attachment 100379

View attachment 100381 longblock and trannys.

I have an EG hatchback rolling chassis D-series with JRSC on it. I have alot of things to test and take apart to sell.
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