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Welcome @Jdmpowa to It took a long time for your first post ;).

Definitely competences in using that SW and HW. The setup of the FT550 for the K-series is not easy, a base map with all stock sensors setups would safe you a bunch of time. The iVTEC setup is a challenge, as it is no plug and play. You need to use e.g. the boost controller for the VTC actuation and for the high side output signal for the VTEC pin control. If you are not well into tuning or at least with FT software I would recommend you to search for both, a basemap and a helping hand which knows its stuff. From my experience its an interesting alternative standalone system with its unique selling point monitor. I like it, its quite flexible for the price and value, but I don't recommend it really for beginners without a helping hand aside.

Harness is doable, just don't use there own universal stuff, doesn't fit well. The best you build your own adapter harness. If done right, this would be a got step up in learning the FT550 more deep.
Thanks man yeah it been awhile since i got on here. I dont post much..

Definitely gotta do more research. I see Cj have a Adapter for ft550 to plus and play on stock engine harness.
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