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I'm wondering what is the torque limit of the factory rods. These motors are stout being able to make well over 500hp on stock blocks with good tuning but I'm wondering is that an accepted point where rods start to go?

I'm asking this cause my last k24a2 with a s257 1.00 twin scroll prematurely died at ~400whp after being too aggressive with e85 ign tuning. This tubro spools very quick easily hitting 14psi before 3300rpm making peak torque at 4k on stock cams.

I'm looking to go back to my tunner and let him do the e85 this time after I get the fuel close. And thinking about having him cap torque to say 350ftlbs. Considering I made 300ftlbs on 12psi 93oct im sure itll hit that if I'm shooting for 13 or 14 psi on e85 which ever I can get to before my ID1000s pass 90% duty at 4Bar. This is in a rwd application so my torque and power numbers at the wheel will be slightly lower.

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