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Hey guys, so I'm going to keep it short, sweet, and to the point. Signalpuke suggested I make a build thread for help with my new engine build so I decided I'd take him up on his advice! :up:

My car is a Milano Red 2006 Acura RSX Type-S.

AEM Short-Ram Intake-- custom painted with rattle can
DC-Sports Shorty Header
APEX’i GT-Spec Catback Exhaust
Ingalls Torque Damper

Tein Street Flex Coilovers
SPC Rear Camber Arms
Sumitomo HTR Z III Tires
255/40/17 front
235/45/17 rear
Work Emotion CR Kai Wheels-- painted by Vibrant Finish in Championship White
17x9 +42 front
17x8 +32 rear
Slotted rotors front and rear

ACT Stage 2 Clutch Kit
ACT Pro Lite Flywheel

Creature Comforts:
full LED interior conversion
Spoon Sports engraved, replica shift knob

Front and rear authentic Type-S Honda emblems
eBay foglights with OEM switch to harness modification

Here's how she started:

I bought her with 70,000 miles from a dealership so that I could avoid all of the problems associated with typical Honda owners. She was overpriced but well worth it..aside from the milano pink. :fuuu:

Shortly after buying the car I came across a really good deal on some bolt-ons.

I paid $300 for a full APEX'i GT Spec Cat-back and a DC Sports Shorty Header.

Then I got an AEM Short ram and painted it a Honda Silver :) :

While on my way to work I was trying to show off one day and I shifted into third at 7.8 k RPM's or so. I know what you're thinking...oh crap, the money shift.

However, I got extremely lucky and extremely unlucky at the same time. I ended up destroying my clutch assembly. So, with every cloud there is a silver lining :devil:

Thank you N-Spire Performance!

The feel of the new flywheel and clutch combo was sweet...the revs were so much quicker and responsive and the clutch was a lot more bitey.


However, it became increasingly easier to bog down when launching or doing quick starts at red lights with the new clutch. So, I ended up getting a torque damper as well.

Here's how she looked after all of these bolt-ons:

Stupid-ass VTEC sticker (I don't know why I put it there...but it's gone now):

This pretty much completely accurately describes how I feel about this car :heart::

And for a long time she stayed like that...until one day. Going to #ShrinkAllTheCars in Philly, I rolled up and some d-bag was making fun of my car because "VTEC kicked in too hard yo" apparently. And then more people started pointing at my car and saying crap.

Little to my knowledge, my rear tire popped on the way to the meet and I rode down the highway with a flat tire the WHOLE WAY. :thud:

Luckily though, I was totally prepared. Earlier that month I picked up a set of staggered CR Kai's in some pretty rough shape for 600 bucks. I had them rotated on a tire balancer and the rims were not out-of-round.

Here're some pics:

And since they were all chipped up, I started looking for people to paint them. A couple of friends in the Philly area made some recommendations, and one of the recommendations was to go to Vibrant Finish out of Penndel PA.

So I did. And I got my wheels coated in championship white :)

If you have a car that's not lowered, you know the struggle. Everyone is always telling you to "LOWER YOUR CAR" and you're always like I WILL BRO. Hahah. I was studying for a thermodynamics exam, and I had been thinking of how hard I always work in school and on my co-ops as well. For God's sake, I moved to another state for an internship! I looked at my bank account...thought about it real quick...and hit up Josh from N-Spire Performance for a set of Super Streets by Tein.

However, I waited for weeks and weeks to receive these coilovers and never did. I was super frustrated and I hit up Josh who was very helpful and patient with me throughout the whole ordeal. It turned out that Tein had discontinued the Super Streets and replaced them with the Street Flex's RIGHT WHEN I BOUGHT THEM. So, being the great guy that he is, Josh fronted the extra cost for the new coilovers because I did not agree to pay that much for the coilovers I wanted, and I got my coilovers in a couple of weeks.

Here's the link to me unboxing them and reviewing them:

And here are some pics of them after I got them in the mail! :D :D :D :dance:

And after I installed them :megusta:

Then I had Ryan from N-Spire Performance come over and help me roll the rear fenders on this bad girl!

Got her aligned (hugest mistake of my life going to NTB with custom alignment specs):

And this is how she sat for another great while!

Then I decided to treat her to some small goodies-- Honda Badges and Work Emotion CR Kai Stickers!

With all of those sweet mods, I moved my ass over to Wisconsin for a six month co-op with a chemical company and I began participating in Auto-X. Peep the Secret Society stickers on my windshield! :D

If you're ever interested in getting into auto cross and you live in the Chicago/lower Wisconsin area, hit these guys up. They have been nothing but helpful to me in getting me involved in competitive driving and really enjoying the true capabilities of my car :)

Currently I am building a K24A1 to swap into the car. My goals are 250-300 whp on an all-motor build while saving money and building something reliable with a useable powerband.

Here's my K24A1 that I paid 260 bucks for :D :nod:

And here are some pics of the teardown:

And here is my K24A2 RBB-1 Cylinder Head that I am either going to trade with cash on my end for a K20A2/Z1/Z3 head or port and polish depending on cost:

I'll be uploading pics of the blueprinting process later! Thanks for reading :)

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Why thank you bro!

I just finished blueprinting the whole engine block. I'm gonna take some time and get all of my eggs in one basket and just think about where I wanna go with this next.

Cylinders are slightly out of round by a couple thousandths and there are casting marks by where the oil squirters would have gone if it were a TSX block. So I'll upload some pics of that later tonight or something. :up:

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Thank you! Can't give away all my secrets :sus:

Who am I kidding my car is in pieces. Actually waiting for my K20Z1 head to get back from the machine shop so I can fix my smoke screen of a K24 :alone:

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Thank you! Can't give away all my secrets :sus:

Who am I kidding my car is in pieces. Actually waiting for my K20Z1 head to get back from the machine shop so I can fix my smoke screen of a K24 :alone:

Interested to see what you come up with when it's fixed...where do you track?

nice start brennan. i also love the work rims.
Thanks name is Dillon just so you know :up: hahah

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really liking how the car sits at the moment. very classy and clean. nice work :up:

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What field of Engineering are you in?
Hey bro, sorry I didn't respond sooner. I'm in chemical engineering. I really wish I went for a degree in mechanical-- especially ever since I bought this K24A1. I am really loving learning about metals and gears and how technical, hard parts all work together to make something cool. Plus, I've always been into cars since I was mad young.

I just was never good at physics and was always good at chemistry and math, so I chose chemE :facepalm:

really liking how the car sits at the moment. very classy and clean. nice work
Thanks preston. Goal is function over form with style :up:

Milano red 05-06 is my favorite RSX...just a shame they only came with a tan interior

Very clean start so far
Thank you sir. Your Mugen EM2 build is extremely impressive. I remember looking at it years back and just thinking horrrry shit. Hahah

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So I guess I'll post an update. I have been tearing down this engine for a while, but it'd probably be a good idea to keep the good people of K20A updated on the status of this shiz.

Even if it's old news for me, it's new for some of y'all. :up:

BTW, post number 100!!! :dance:

So I started by mounting the engine onto the engine stand using a workout bench, some weights, a roommate, one metric trans bolt from ACE Hardware, and two random-ass bolts from Menards :lolface:

Rusty-ass flex plate:

Then I took a 36" long cheater bar and a 26" long breaker bar, a second pipe, a ratchet, and a Honda crank pulley tool and made that crank pulley my b*tch!

Timing cover off:

Taking off the timing chain tensioner and timing chain guide:

Here's the K24A1 water pump:

Notice one thing. It has one galley and it is for coolant only. When people talk about switching to the K20A2 oil pump for the internal water-oil heat exchanger they are talking about this:

Thought it might be a good thing to bring up =p

Here's why you have to change your water pump housing for this mod to work as well:

This surface is meant to mate to a pump with one galley for coolant...not two for heat exchange.

After taking off the water pump housing I flipped the motor over and put a bucket under know....cuz oil :blur:

A clean oil pan is a happy oil pan :)

Here's the K24A1 oil pump. It's pretty bulky compared to the K20A2 unit.

Oil chain guide and tensioner:

AAAAAnd the bottom end :)

More updates soon!!!


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Late night update...

This is me taking the cylinder head off:

Then when you take the cylinder head off you generally get to what's under it. PISTONS ahhhh! Hahah

All of the pistons looked okay. None of them showed signs of being exposed to detonation.

Then I got to taking off the girdle to inspect the crank.

The bearings were clean. Which is good...not that I'm going to re-use them when I reassemble but it's nice to see oil was making its way to the journals.

Then I looked at the main crank journals. All of these looked clean and this is even better since the block and crank will be the only components I am re-using here.


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