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Let's talk Corner Balancing, Drag car....

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Awhile back I can't remember where I was reading about it, but I would like some more infomation on it. What are the advantages? Rough cost, somewhere around $200 IIRC?

Any one reccomend any place to do the work? Looking in the Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania areas. I remember when I was reading about it, someone mentioned a place near IMW, but I cannot recall the place.
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I was on the fence about getting a corner balance for my EK since the shop said it wouldn't make much of a difference but i ended up doing it anyway although mine is just a street car. I did notice a difference in handling during aggressive driving and the car just feels "lighter on it's feet" for lack of a better term. But if i had the option to do it again i wouldn't as i don't believe the gains are worth it based on most shops asking price for the service. Now if you're road racing or autocrossing that's a totally different story...
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