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i have decided to try out k series so parting out my b series stuff. here it is.

competition clutch twindisk 700 shipped
700 miles on this always used a clutch pedal stop great clutch

deist scattershield blanket 110 shipped

Lenso 13-7.5 300 shipped

ONEfab topmount manifold fits 42r 700
this was just started up and driven around the block good as new. Does have a wastegate elbow on it now.

ARP headstuds for LS but have nice spacers so they can be used with b series vtec motors.60 shipped
B16 hydro tranny 100% mint best tranny i ever drove on. 500 shipped

AEM fuelrail with -10 in enlarged for 1600cc injectors can use stock injecotrs too just need 14mm oring. 70 shipped

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