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New member been snooping around learning.

I have a 1986 CRX Si that I have owned since 1993. Started auto crossing the car back in 1994 and had a blast running it locally and in San Diego. Then in 2002 we dropped a B16 OBD0 in the car and raced it like that for a few more years before jumping over to HPDE and time attack events. Car is perfectly maxed out for the “A” class. Problem is it makes no torque so you have to rev the snot out of it to get out of the turns.

SO, we are putting a JDM K24A into the car. The 50% increase in HP will max me out for the “B” class perfectly at a 10:1 power to weight ratio. The 75% increase in torque is the part I am looking forward to the most!

i will keep reading and following along as I learn about this new to me engine platform.
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