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I have a problem here for a kswap attempt for Crz. Setup as below.

ECU & harness - civic type r euro fn2
Engine & transmission - k24a3 manual
Chassis - Crz manual 2013

Note - swap is without kpro / hondata, the plan is to just remap the ECU itself will do.

As for the harness, I am able to solve it by merging Crz harness with fn2r harness into fn2r ECU however fn2r ECU comes with oil level sensor. As k24a3 doesn't comes with a oil level sensor, it causes engine check light on the Crz dashboard.

Is there any way I can bypass or turn off the oil level sensor for the ECU itself without using kpro/hondata? Maybe by using a switch or a bypass sensor?

Alternative solution is to swap the k24a3 oil pan to fn2r oil pan as fn2r oil pan comes with the oil level sensor so I can attach the fn2r ECU oil level sensor into the swapped fn2r oil pan on the k24a3 however it's not easy to source for one in my country and I'm trying to keep the cost as low as possible.

Do note that it's oil level sensor, not VTEC sensor nor oil pressure sensor. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.
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