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I am having problems running KManager to connect to the ECU now... I Accidentally been working on my girlfriends ep3 for the last 2 months and well when I jumped on my ep3. I had a CEL... What I did was pull the 15AMP fuse from under the hood to reset the CEL... (I had forgotten that I had KPRO) Then when I realized it after I had put the fuse back and everything I ran to get the laptop. connected the USB Cable to the KPRO Ecu and well it didn't read anymore... Is there anything I can do?

Any help would gladly be appreciated... I'm very lost and confused as of right now. I feel that I ruined my KPro... I can provide pictures as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated... I've tried emailing hondata a ton of times... Bunch of Horrible Customer Service that they have.

I even bought a new USB Cable nothing....
here is my ecu:

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