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kpro callibration file question (overheating protection)

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Hi K-familly, here is my problem

We are presently racing at the grand prix of trois-riviere in quebec. the car is overheating a bit (225-230°F) so in the parameter window (protection) of k-manager there is a section where you add %fuel when running above a temperature set point. It is at 0% default so i changed it to 7% and saved the callibration file, when i reload the callibration file it's back to 0%.

I'm wondering if it's a bug in the programm or if it's normal.


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weird havent played with that yet. what version of kpro ? did you try calling hondata about it ?
hmm it seems to be a bug... I even created a new cal, put an oddball number in there and saved it, looked at the cal with a text editor and that value isn't to be found anywhere in there.
I noticed that when you download from the ECU to laptop that it has been saved in the call file that was uploaded to the ecu.

so at least the function works (temp compensation)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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