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Hi guys. My name's Tanny and I'm a Honda enthusiast from the UK. I've been meaning to join this forum for ages as I know if anyone knows these engines it's you guys. I currently have a 2006 EP3 Civic Type R. I love the car but need a little more power. I have an Injen 3" cold air intake and a 2.5" catback exhaust. Combined with a Quaife ATB diff and a Spoon Sports 5.3 final drive the car does go well.

I was going to buy a 4-2-1 header in the UK but then remembered my brothers across the pond speak highly of the tri-y design. My question is will the 1320 tri-y header with the 100 cell sports cat fit my UK right hand drive car? And if so with a Hondata K100 tune can I expect to see decent power and torque? The car is a daily driven street only car.

Look forward to speaking to you all.

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