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Keeping PS & AC!

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I'll be doing the K swap....

Keeping AC and PS...I'll be happy to post it if anyone is interested?

Making some custom AC lines as well. hit me up if interested?

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What about the wireing? Otherwise sounds good, i know i will be getting a set.
same here :up:

PS had to go cus it stuck out of the hood too much.

As far as AC, it has not finished yet so I'll post it all once it is...

but a fairly easy process, I believe, make custom line and extend the needed wires to the stock fan...

thx again...
i want it asap ps and ac thanks you guys are working your magic
GET THE DC ONES DONE!!! please?!??! :D and make it snappy Will. haha :D
NAturalDC2 said:
GET THE DC ONES DONE!!! please?!??! :D and make it snappy Will. haha :D
:p :silly: :p
any updates yet?
I'd be interested in a kit utilising the stock EG/EK condenser too.
Im going AC and PS in my DC2/TSX-all custom lines with the stock integra condenser. Havent started the swap yet, but hoping it will be done before the end of October. Comfy street monster :D :up:
PS and AC were kept without too much fuss:

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i know things are not at 100% but might there be any word on the AC system?
someone should do a DIY on keeping PS and AC including parts needed.
Pics of my AC:

(old pic) I have now put a bigger fan...

The AC clutch and Pressure switch are jumped... (wires)
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what about info on the hybrid kit he was so wildly talking about. NO MORE PM's, just come out and tell us
I'd like to know also. Any new update on these?
I will like to keep ps and ac on my car. Need info
where's the info for this keepin the ps and ac kit from hybrid-r?
For the EG, we found out that the PS pulley sits too high. You will need to mod the hood to clear. Basically u resue the EG's PS steering fluid resivour and plumb into the stock hoses. same for the AC, use a slim fan and plumb into the stock hrd lines.

probably not finished yes thats why information is not released :D

would be a educated guess won't it?? :cool:
well its been a fucking longe time where is some info about this YO'...HYBRID-RACING i'm calling you out, J/K fellas' but we're all in the dark here LOL!
21 - 40 of 81 Posts
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