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Keeping PS & AC!

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I'll be doing the K swap....

Keeping AC and PS...I'll be happy to post it if anyone is interested?

Making some custom AC lines as well. hit me up if interested?

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so what is with hybrid, a lot of talk about allowing AC to stay in the cars with custom lines, and thats all ive heard. no pics, nothing. please chime in hybrid
PMed you thrice, dont count my PMs and different people in interest
ill opt for the stock condensor(unless the K is more effecient). It will make it cheaper for us. Cost effectiveness will be an issue. If its under a few hundred bucks, id opt for it. If it starts getting to out of hand then im sure custom mod will be in the future for everyone. any pics, any ball park prices?
i know things are not at 100% but might there be any word on the AC system?
what about info on the hybrid kit he was so wildly talking about. NO MORE PM's, just come out and tell us
1 - 5 of 81 Posts
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