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Keeping PS & AC!

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I'll be doing the K swap....

Keeping AC and PS...I'll be happy to post it if anyone is interested?

Making some custom AC lines as well. hit me up if interested?

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I should have more info by the end of the week. Basically the kit will consist of a new condensor, fan and custom lines.

PM me just to let me know your interested so I can get an Idea of how many kits to put together.

Ok guys spent the entire day working on the PS lines and the new AC lines.

The kit will utilize 3 of the stock EK/EG AC lines. The rest will be aeroquip ac fittings and lines. As of now there will be no re-using any of your OEM parts or cores for existing lines. The stock dryer location and dryer will be utilized.

I am working on 2 options for the condenser. One option will utilize the stock Civic unit with modified lower mounting brackets the second will utilize a Hybrid Racing designed K swap condenser.

As of now I have not checked into the DC but its next on the list.

I will get pictures of the PS lines and AC lines shortly.

Let me know if you guys have any suggestions for the Hybrid Racing AC/PS line kits.

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1 - 3 of 81 Posts
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