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Ka24 vs k24a4

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Not sure if I'm posting in the right section so sorry if I'm not. In case anyone is interested here you go.... I'm currently Building a k24/k20 engine and my friend is rebuilding a ka24. Found it a bit funny how both are engines are K engines... So I've decided to make comparisons. KA24's are known for being able to handle boost in case you didn't know. Our K series... not so much. Anyways here's some comparisons of rods and cranks. I'll post pictures of our blocks and pistons later. The smallers rods are obviously the k24 and the crank on the right is the k24.
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Well I'm not going to argue which is better which is not, though I Think our Ks are better. Anyways the point was that the Ka could handle more boost than ours on stock internals regardless of the power outputs. Or am I still wrong?
Who cares about the boost number, what you really mean is what motor can handle more cyl pressure and make more power. A KA that needs 20psi to make 450hp vs a K24 that needs 13psi doesnt = KA is better at handling boost. It needs more boost to make the same power.
KA24 has a nice rod ratio.. 1.72:1
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