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Hi to everyone.
I came form italy, all the stuff is eudm
i have a k24z3 with a k20a2 head.
Oem wiring from k20a2 engine.

Connector fit without problems.
At the beginning i thought to go with Kpro PRA same for A block.
Then i read this comment

i just look on k24z3 and k24a3 crank sensors and it can be problem becouse on k24z3 is on the back of the engine (where tranny goes) and on k24a3 is on front (where crank puley is ) and another problem is that carnk plate for crank sensor can have different number of tooth, so hondata can not work

for sure u can use some SA computer like aem/haltech/dta/autronic/motec etc,
but i'm wondering what with k-pro, some people have k24z3 with hondata but how they do that ?
I try ask to Hondata, and here is its reply

The sensors with the block you have are not compatible with the K-Pro. The
FlashPro is not for engine swaps such as what you are attempting.

If you say others have gotten it to work I would contact them to see what
they have done.

Hondata Inc.
2840 Columbia St.
Torrance, CA 90503
(310) 782-8278
310.782.6383 FAX

Anyone can help me? suggestions? councils?
Im near to finish the swap, just the reprogrammable ecu still missing.
Lot of money, lot of time spent.
Please help me.

Thanks guys

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Not really much is known about the k24z engines, most people on here don't touch them. Personally, I would sell the block and get a k24a block.

I know that sounds like a pain but it would be more work, to make the k24z block work with your setup

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Does the k24z3 long block originally have vtec like the k24a2 rsx motor does? If so, you could use the stock ecu until you can find something out. You can pay someone to set up a Megasquirt for you
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