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K24a8 vs K24a2 - cant find info i need

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Sorry for being such a newb, but new to K Series, tried to search but couldnt find the info im looking for

I found the specs on each motor, k24a8 and k24a2, but is there any other differences besides HP and Compression Ratio between the motors.

If i were to get a K24a8, what would be need for K20 head??
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The pistons need to be changed on the a4 and a8, I believe. The K24a1 block doesnt need to have to pistons changed. You can use the stock pistons out of the a2(TSX) or the a1 in your a8 block and use your old rings so you don't have to hone the block. Or just use the a8 longblock to get you running until money becomess avaiable.
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