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I recently purchased an 05 Accord and its of course stock. I understand that there is some sort of hype with the k24/k20 Frankenstien swap after reading almost every post. The question is, is that alot of the admin/mod/senior members are talking about how k24a1,k24a2 blocks would be best suited for the k20 head. Now since i have k24a3, i know that its probably the weakest of all k24's but i was wondering if my engine would still have the same potential for the swap, and if so would it bolt right in with no problems? I was also wondering if someone could probably give me some statistics with the k24a3/k20 swap because im new with the k series engine. I was more into the B series, which i know its like the older version of the kseries.

Instead of creating more threads making the forum more clustered, i think its probably best if i knocked out all birds in one stone...So the next question is, In order(for my reference) can someone list me of what i should purchase and install first step by step under my hood?

Thanks alot...btw, love the site, lots of information, and yall know what the hell youre talking about, not like other forums
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