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K24A2 w/TSX 6spd + PND-A01 w/KPRO v4 + Base RSX engine harness electrical issues.

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I am swapping a k24a2 and 6spdMT from a 2004 TSX into my 2001 Insight and am having some issues and suspect that there are some swapped pins or a compatibility issue with the engine harness. I tried to search and found some references to needing to move a few pins around but I couldn't find a list of which pins on which plugs specifically. Here is a bit more information if it is relevant:

K24A2 and 6MT from a 2004 TSX
PND-A01 ECU with k-pro v4
RSX base engine and charge harness
CJs conversion harness
Engine harness is grounded to block via intake manifold bolt
Block is grounded to the chassis
Head is grounded to the chassis
transmission is grounded to the chassis
After plugging everything in I am able to connect to the kpro via Bluetooth or USB. When I go to datalog every sensor is giving bogus values. MAP is at 302.1psi, rpm jumps all over the place in the tables screen and reads a constant 5200rpm in the sensors screen. VSS is reading at 52mph even though it is on jack stands and won't run. ac compressor and radiator fans run constantly. When I go to upload a calibration it fails every time.
I do have an EP3 Si as well so I plugged the ECU into it and everything worked perfectly. I was able to open up a calibration, upload it, and run the car off of it. This leads me to believe that the issue is in the engine wiring harness, maybe a short? I assume that I should check voltage into the ECU and then check each sensor for continuity against ground. Before really digging into this I just wanted to make sure that there isn't some basic pinning issue that I might have done wrong.

Thanks in advance
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crank sensor has to repinned or use base rsx crank sensor. What TB are you using ? Accord drive by cables tb are wired different than rsx. Make sure you didn't mix TPS and Map sensor cause they have same connector
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