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K24a2 TSX hybrid Dyno sheet. (HotWheelz)

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taken from hondatech

HotWheelz said:
I figure a couple of you would like to see this..

premium 5 speed!!!!!
Stock internal TSX engine (no type-R cams)
Comptech RACE header (with custom motor mounts)
2.5 exaust with Greddy muffler (bolted)
shortram intake with K&N filter (mounted)
overbored TB
Hondata IMG gasket
STOCK Type-S manifold (not gasket matched) <-- last minute
K-Pro (partial tune)

Conservative timing, 90 octane mixed regular and premium...
VTC - confidential but very mild
AF reading tuned per RPM.. (changes for best result)

3 baserun passes, 6 passes for changes, one last pass with cam angle change. only had 1 hour, had appointment something to study mostly.

non vtec map not changed, HUGE POWER TO BE FOUND! look at the flatline (VERY BAD!!)

7400rpm is not enough, this motor could see 8000++ and torque doesn't fall as fast as Brian's motor.. "possibly due to header???"

better IM (ITR) and a CAI with better tunning could be a 230whp engine without touching internals!

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adirondackR said:
he is running a TSX block (k20a2) which has a better crank (probably stronger rods too) & much higher compression than k24a1 & k24a4 (CRV, Accord/Element motors)

yes torque of 181 with a possibility of more :shock: thats the shit
tsx has a k24... the accord r's has k20
hondaluver said:
the US accords have k24a4...

the tsx R. in japan have k20a
technically no such thing as tsx r :p(they are called accord except for in the US, where they are TSX. also, the usdm accord is the only one of its kind. no other country has our accord)
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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