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K2e2vin said:
hondaluver said:
the US accords have k24a4...

the tsx R. in japan have k20a
technically no such thing as tsx r :p(they are called accord except for in the US, where they are TSX. also, the usdm accord is the only one of its kind. no other country has our accord)
first off thats a lie. japan has our acord as the inspire just not the coupe version.
now to the k24
the k24 is basicly a bored and stroked k20a that bigger displacement makes that tq super high for a honda, but the compression is lowered and thw stroke isn't that much different form the type-r which is why it can rev so high. which just gave me an idea.
imagine a k20a-r block bored to a k24 but not stroked with high compression pistons and a k20r head with more agressive or even stock cams.that alone with give you at leat 230hp and 150+ tq to the flywheel.
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