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Hi Guys,

I was posting in and the members there directed me to instead.

I just picked up an EP3 and is thinking about dropping in a k24 from a 2004 TSX. Here's the list of mods I'd like to do:

1. 06 TSX intake cam (The most aggressive oem cam?)
2. 50 degree VTC
3. Some kind of air intake with velocity stack
4. A better intake manifold/TB
5. RDX injectors (I have them currently)
6. PLM header
7. Bigger exhaust.

I read that the TSX is drive by wire so I just need a TB adapter plate to use different TB right? I am pretty sure that ep3 uses throttle cable.

I can't remember where but I read that RBC actually loses powers on k24. I think the 06+ TSX IM is an upgrade compare to the 04 TSX. I'm a complete newbie to K series so if you have any suggestions or if I'm misinformed, please share!

Thank you!



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Sup. I'm also on tsxclub with the same username here. I also have an EP3 with an '07 K24A2 swap + comptech supercharger. My setup is pretty mild compared to most builds. Besides the above parts, I'm running 1000cc injectors, 50 vtc, Spoon header, 3" exhaust. I just recently had a mishap and need to get my motor diagnosed. Thinking of ditching the sc and going turbo.
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