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Hey everyone,

I am Nic, First honda engine but I have experience with 1jzs, chevy v8s and older datsun l28e's

Got a k24a1 for free, complete block and head but not much else
Ran the vehicle vin and it is from a 06 crv.

My confusion/questions

Intake cam has 2 lobes.
Exhaust has one.
Engine apparently had vtec solenoid robbed.

Is the 2 lobe considered vtec? or is that just vtc?

Could I toss in any k24 cams as long as I got rockers that dont rub?
I know BC had made some 2 lobed cams which I guess would just be the easiest,
but I came across vtec killer.

I don't understand why it says
"Convert your Non-VTEC K20 or K24 into a VTEC Killer set-up. "
When I would be just using the vtec cam lobe.

My goal is a budget friendly turbo build +stand alone,
I won't cheap out on the crucial parts but not looking for crazy numbers or anything.

So to phrase that as a question,
Can I run the kmod vtech killer in a 2 lobed k24a1?

Any insight is appreciated and I apologize if its been covered but searching 2 lobe has got me no where
and I am still unclear if it is infact vtec or not.


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