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Hey guys,
I am new at this stuff and before I go ahead and start buying parts, I would like to learn a lot more and be sure I know what I am doing before I start doing this stuff. I currently do simple stuff, brakes, oil changes, balancing tires, wheel rotations, you know.. The EASY stuff lmao.

I have a friend who has built many parts but I do not want to keep bugging him for answers, he is going to help me do the swap and build the motor up for free, all I have to do is get the parts. I am gunna chill with him and help out so I can learn as well.

I know many people are going to hate but its the only thing really on my budget ATM lol.
I bought a k24a1 that came out of a automatic 2002 Honda CR-V.
I have the tranny but clearly its going to have to to because my civic is standard.

I am putting it into a 2000 Honda Civic SI ..

What I need to know is, what do I buy?!
What tranny do you recommend?
What wiring harness, lol everything I am not really aware of what I need to buy. I am hoping to make it pretty fast, but stay on a somewhat low budget.. I want to boost it but I am not sure if that can happen by next summer. I've looked it up but the only thing I was able to find much about k24a1 was a kid wanting to buy it but wanted to know which computer to buy, which I am still unaware of what "PPA" really means. Please helps:)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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