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I got an 03 CRV donor for the cheapness and am starting to pull the motor for a swap. I want to try and keep cost down and part out the crv so I can recoup some cost of the parts I want. I've been searching forums an youtube but can't seem to find a lot of info that I'm looking for...

Are there any upgrades such as pistons, cams, VTC gears etc that work with the stock K24a1 head?

I found this thread and post #26 they start talking about vtec killer, locking VTEC and another person said stock cams from a TSX (apparently the "performance" version of iVTEC).

I have talked to K series parts and was told that the parts I had asked about I would need a K20 head to use. So do I need to source a K20 head or can I build up the one I have with anything other than stock TSX cams?

Power goals - hoping for ~250whp all motor. Was planning on 12.5:1 CR, intake mani, header back, pnp head, cams & springs, RDX inj (maybe?)

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