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k24a1 and ep3 ecu???

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i did a few searchs and i only found 1 or 2 post regarding this topic. does anyone know for sure if i can run a k24a1 with the stock ep3 ecu. i read the k24a1 ran like a champ with the ep3 ecu. and i read some where else i had to swap all my sensors?? also i was told to swap my serpentine belt form the ep3 to the k24a1. i tried and it dont fit it's to short. do i get a cr-v or is there a paticular size?
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a famous K24 owner / distributor told me that the k24a1 works with the A3 ecu
I have a k24a1 in my ep3. When I was using the stock ep3 ecu my car ran but it ran lean up top. I had a cel until I got k100. Now that I have K100 with a k24 base map (untuned) the car runs a whole lot better. Can't wait to get my turbo and have it tuned. The only sensor I swapped was the crank speed sensor. I used my ep3 sensor but I don't think it really matters. I would highly recommend you use the ep3 tb & im. I used my ep3 belt...are you sure you have it run correctly.
thats interesting about the k100. b/c from what ive read about another k24a1 swap , hondata loads the A3 base map for starters on the crv engine
That is true. They reload the a3 base map but when you get it tuned by a shop the shop should load a k24 map on the ecu. Hondata normally does not load maps on the ecu but I had a problem with my car. After sending my ecu back to Hondata and calling them several times they loaded a base k24 map on my ecu to see if the problem was with the ecu or my car. I guess I got a little bonus with the purchase of my k100. My car is still not tuned but I do have a base k24 map and it runs fine.
oh ok but it run fine, i have a vafc to add or subtract fuel and i was in search for a gaurdian unit to control all of that
I was told that a vafc would not work...that is why I went with hondata. If I had the money at the time I would have bought the AEM unit instead.
according to the vafc installation manual the vafc works with the k24a1
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