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k24 turbo setup... looking to throw some meth into the mix! Opinions

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Looking for you guys advice/opinions here...

What I have is my old setup, waiting to go into my new EG shell I'm currently cleaning up. It made 310whp/280wtq on 8psi on a dyno-dynamics dyno. It consists of:
-stock k24a1 longblock, rsx-s trans
-650cc rc injectors
-peakboost 35r sidewinder kit

I'm thinking of adding some meth injection into the mix. I've looked at the devils own/aquamist/AEM kits. I plan on buying one with at least one fail-safe so I don't cause a disaster. The reason why I'm thinking of doing this, is washer fluid by me is 2 bucks a container and its 38% methanol and I assume the rest is water. Even if I had to source out straight meth and mix it to spec, I'm fine with that. And the main thing is that I don't have ready access to race-gas anywhere near me, and the car is more of my weekend beat-on/fun car thats would get driven a few times a week tops.

I'm running k-pro, and wondering how i would tune for this/hoping someone can give me some insight and educated advice as I'm really liking the idea of the meth kit.

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I thought I would chime in with some updated info about k-pro. First things first, the two step rev limiter in k-pro supports fuel and ignition trimming -- ie you can dump extra fuel and retard ignition which gets you ANTI-LAG to spool your turbo at low speeds or stopped at the line. Second, the three nitrous control systems have secondary fuel and ignition tables to augment your main tables when active. K-pro also has onboard datalog storage so you can datalog without a computer attached -- newer units come with this feature stock. The nitrous control panels can be set to deactivate after a certain number of knocks have been detected as a safety feature.

Let me describe the setup I have and daily drive with. My rsx has a jackson racing supercharger kit running at 9 pounds on 91 octane pump gas. Since it could never reach full power from ignition tuning in the summer, I run water/methanol controlled by my nitrous panel in k-pro. Normally when I boost, without the water methanol, I setup my tables to be about -5 degrees ignition from what I knew was full power on good fuel and added lots of fuel in boost... probably running in the mid 10s a/f wise. When I reach 4500 rpm at 5+ psi, the methanol system activates via one of my ecu outputs depending on if another ecu input (my arm switch) is on. It then uses my nitrous #1 tables to add around 5 degrees ignition and remove fuel so I end up at around 12.2 a/f under boost with water/methanol and right under or at full power ignition timing (which is important to tune since you can over advance without detonation while on the water/meth). While in boost, if my a/f goes above 12.7 or so, it will cut the motor off. While methanol (nitrous #1) is active, if more than a preset number of knocks is observed (it doesn't knock at all under water/methanol, so the number is low!) it will cut off the water/meth and restore the previous ignition and fuel... which will be really rich and retarded. This keeps my motor in one piece if the methanol system fails and allows detonation to start or swings lean.

This is a real world setup driven every day to and from work. Boosted 25k miles on a stock motor.

I'm not trying to say you could or could not do what I've done with aem ems, but this is what I have done with MY k-pro, and I'm very pleased.

just picked up the 5gallon AEM meth/water injection kit for a steal! anyone have any opinions for meth/water mix... I read up you can get 38% meth washer fluid at walmart for 2 bucks a jug... looking for insight guys! THANKS
yeah, that works.
I have not seen many Honda guys run it. Shop's turbo S2000 has a meth kit on it, picked up about 10% more power after tuning.
Nissan guys run it a lot.
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