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Ok let's lets think about this...

The cheapest way to go about this would be to get a

k24a longblock $1000
ep3 5sp tranny $800
ecu $300
harness $300
mount kit $600
axles $depends
shift cables $depends
shifter box $depends

Basically, will a harness that has been modified to work with a k20a type-r in a EG, work for such a setup?

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Re: Couple of questions

singlefin said:
I have a '03 CRV with K20a engine and would like to do the k24 / k20a2 head swap with possibility of boosting w/ turbo later on.

My questions are:
1) Which stock ECU should I use as a base to reflash? i.e. one from the k24 CRV or K20a2? Or is a Hondata K-Pro the only sane option?

2) Will I need to convert from auto trans to Manual for the conversion since Hondata ECU doesn't seem to support auto trans.

3) What non-USDM Honda model does the K20a2 engine reside in (i.e. other than the US based Integra RSX- Type S.) since I live in Asia it's probably easier to source engines from here.

All the Euro/UK Civic type-r have the k20a2.

Email Brenson Koh
Email Address [email protected]
Location Singapore

He has one for sale :)

Hey, we need to see this one :) Post some pics!!
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