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K24/K20a2 CRX hood clearance

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I am looking into getting a carbon fiber hood for my crx.

k24/k20a2 setup I have a hole cut in my hood right now is anyone making a hood that will close?? I want to be able to drive without my engine sticking out of the hood.

Any info would be great!

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Wont happen.
Hmmmmm no shit huh... Dayamnnn lol

I looked into the j's racing carbon fiber crx hood but I dont want to buy it for 1k if its not going to work!

Yeah bro... It's a wrap.. Unless you make something custom, your SOL.
I wonder if there is a market for these types of hoods!
I found one in stock! Wangs Auto in Pelham NH had one in stock for a while!

I am going to test fit it...
Good luck . Let us know how it goes.. What intake manifold are you running?
Forgot to add.. Maybe you can do something like this..

Hahahah I wish it would fit. The J's hood+K24='s Disaster!

But if you guys want it I think its the one of the only ones in the USA right now! He has it in stock

Wang's Auto Inc.
120 Main St
Pelham, NH 03076
603-635-3252 :up:
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Your car looks nice :up:
Thanks buddy I just purchased a jojo callos carbon fiber front end for this car and am just looking for a solution for the hood!
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