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i have a k24a1 with a z3 head. i have a z3 transmission that is shattered.

i shattered a gear, and i have not taken it apart yet. i am balancing if i should rebuild the transmission or buy a used one.

i read some where that the type s transmission comes in two different case housings and i dont know if i were to buy a new transmission if the housing would not bolt up to what i have now.

i know that this will happen again with some much power going through it. i want to get the car running by the easiest way possible. i have a tuning session setup a month from now.

FYI the used type s tranny is $700, i would like to rebuild and reinforce mine but dont know the cost effectivness to either opition.

help, opinions or anything would be helpful. and dont give me the buy a ep3 w/ ppg or something. not looking to spend 5 grand right now. what you think?:wow:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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