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Sup peoples!! im back.

I been away from the game for a minute now, but its time to come back.

So im doing some research before i start ordering parts and for injectors i think im gonna go with the oem RDX 410cc. Now, will my K20 engine harness plug to the RDX injectors?

Anyway as of now im planning on getting:

Ported K20z3 head
K24a2 block
Wiseco 12.4:1 CR 87.5mm (is 12.4cr pump gas friendly??)
BluePrint I-Beam Rods
Possibly BluePrint S2 Cams and BluePrint Valvetrain (not exactly sure which cams im getting yet this is just as of now)
RDX 410 Injectors
K20z3 Tranny(LSD)

I am already running the rest of the fuel system, tuned K-Pro and the rest of the usual stuff.

My current setup is:

K24a2 w/port and polished head
K20Z1 Intake Cam

217hp 182trq Tuned by CFT on their Mustang Dyno.

Hopefully the build will give me a lot more pony's. hehe

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You know with bigger injectors...

where are you in south florida? If your near Aventura/Hallandale get a e85 tune. They have a pump very close to there. When i get retuned I'm going to get a tune on e85 as well.

Great build. :)
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