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I’m in the process of building a k24a4, shortblock built by ERL. (Build has been sitting for years untouched). The ERL block was prepped for 1/2” ARP head studs. I had portflow go through and do all the head work. Today I finally get to mating the head to the block and the dowel pins fit really tight but they fit. Ok. On to placing the head on the short block and not the problems begin. The head isn’t able to accept the 1/2” studs. So I contacted Tom at portflow and he is willing to disassemble the head and bore out the holes to make it work. Also the studs will not fit the dowels supplied by ERL. (Unsure if they are ARP or ERL made dowels).

Her are my questions. The dowels ID measured .49. The ARP head studs .497. Where can I get dowels to accept the 1/2” studs? And has anyone else had an issue running 1/2” studs through a k20 head? The studs fit half way and stop. Seems like a couple thousandths shave would be all it needs to clear. Is this something that can be done DIY?


Feels good to get back to this build. And ROADBLOCK. Lol

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