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K24 in the UK?

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I know there are a few UK guys on here, does anyone know of any sources of K24's (We only get them in 05+ Accord....I think). I trawled many breakers yards, used + others, to no avail.

Anyone any ideas?

Or any of you US guys want to ship a K24 to the UK (shot in the dark) wearing a K20 head would be a bonus. PM me a price

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Alrite Jonny,

I really wanted to be the first to do this :) but progress is slow atm.

Theres a k24 out of a fire damaged accord in a scrapyard outside dublin. Loom and ecu are in shit but as the firewall stopped it the engine is fine by the looks of things. Fire didnt get to the bay at all. Hes looking for 1200 euro for it.
I dont really like the fellow sellin it or giving him a bump, but if itll help you at all.

It was there a few weeks ago, and I dont see it moving too fast.
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