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Putting a K24 together?? This will make your life a little easier :like:
This is the package you need to complete the swap. Added in the kit is the upper chain guide is the wider piece from the K20Z3 engine for better coverage on the timing chain.
OEM Honda headgaskets can be used up to a 87.5mm bore.
For using a RSX-S or CRV head you will need to choose the CRV headgasket. For using a TSX or K20Z3 head you will need the TSX headgasket based on the water neck design.

-CRV timing cover bracket 11910-PPA-000
-K24 timing guide 14530-RZA-A01
-K24 timing guide arm 14520-RAA-A01
-K20Z3 upper guide 14540-RAA-A02
-K24 timing chain 14401-PPA-004
-TSX/RSX-S PRB tensioner 14510-PRB-A01
-K24 headgasket
--CRV K24A1 12251-PPA-004
--TSX K24A2 12251-RBB-004
-K24 timing cover (optional) 11410-PPA-000

1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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