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k24 ek (Hotwheelz)

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was told Hotwheelz had performed this swap successfully. so which mounts have been used with this swap (how is axle angle/clearance). drive by wire n/a so you can use any T.B. that isn't DBW. are you guys fabing spacers to attach to the rsx type s T.B. ? also header can you use stock/aftermarket tsx header with flex pipe? i'd also like to say that i'm new to imports and have spent a lota time with domestics so i can't say that i've seen rsx/tsx engine in person and just got my ek hatch last week. my last question is concerning tranny mounts for tsx. when trying to use the tsx tranny how does it differ from the rsx (mounting points) and how hard would it be to refab the existing ek mounts to support the tsx tranny? has anyone used the tsx tranny? would you be able to use the k20 swap axles for the ek? any help would be greatly appreciated.
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i belive he swapped the the tsx motor into a rsx not an ek
ok mounts you can use the hasport or the hybrid mounts. as for the clearance if you are worried about it. i heard that hasport has better clearence with the k24. type s tb are a direct bolt on. i now you can use the stock tsx header on the k20 swap but on on the k24 swap since they have a 19mm taller deck hight i belive there is some clearance with the rear crossmember. i dunno about the mounts and the tsx tranny i know you need customs ones ( hasport offers them) to make it work. but any of the rsx's and civic si trannys will work fne with the regular mount kit. as for axels on my tsx swap. i'm using k20 inners and gsr outters. they will work fine.
dre2004 said:
Monkey, have you done this swap? if so do you have pics, is it in a ek, eg? so you are telling me that the tsx tranny will fit with the extra part and hasport mounts? and the rsx T.B. will bolt up with no modding to the tsx? what header is everyone using on their tsx swaps? also does it matter what ecu i get with engine (auto/man) k24 ecu for kpro? will the stock civic radiator still work with tsx? do you still use ep brackets if not using ps? if some/all of these ???? can be answered i would be set.
forgot to mention i spoke with someone from hasport that said they had no mounts for tsx tranny on wednesday(don't remember his name)

nope its in progress right now. i'm just wainting the motor. it is going into my eg. yes the tsx tranny will fit with the extra tranny mount bracket from hasport. yes i have heard that the type s tb bolts directly to the tsx manifold. when i do this i'll let you know if it does or doesn't ;) see the header i'm not sure about. the k24 is 19mm taller so to say. and the port holes for the header and higher as well. i think hytech is making a custom header for the k24 into civic chasis. but they are not cheap at all! k24 will work with the kpro. i think kpro has a base crv map you can work off of. not sure though. yes stock radiator will work but it needs to be switched over to the driver side. and needs custom brackets. i'm not sure if you need the si p/s bracket if you have the tsx. nikos you know? hmm they might still be in the R&D stage for those tranny mounts. email them and ask.
good luck with the swap man! don't foget to post pics!!!
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