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So here is my brake setup:
Integra 98 LS
11.1" Rotors
ITR Calipers
Hawk HPS? Pads
SS Lines
Type-S Axles

I had to put washers infront of the wheel sensors to give them the clearances for the larger type-s axles so the tip wouldnt hit them. I was told that they need to be .4mm - 1mm to the axle to read correctly?

When I am going very very slow and very light on the brakes on occasion I can feel grinding in the brake pedal. Can this be a result of not bleeding the ABS pump itself? The lines have been bled and pedal pressure is great as well as overall braking. Yesterday my ABS light came on while driving when I came to a stop. It stayed on solid until I turned the car off and it hasn't come back on since.

When I did my K swap I removed the brake lines from the ABS pump and master cylinder. Could this be caused because I need to bleed the pump?
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