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k24 block with k20a2 head

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i just got a k24(tsx) motor in my ef and i am going to put a k20a2 head on it but before i do that i want to work on the block first cause i hear people saying that u should build ur block before putting on the head but correct me if im wrong. so wut do u think is the first step for my frankie???
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if you use RBC intake manifold, then you don`t must need any welded port into TSX head....
jon v said:
are you sure about that?

So this is the flange for the RBC/Euro R mani... is the port on the left the coolant port? and is that the same place that it is on the TSX mani?

Yes `im sure, I`m using RBC manifold and TSX head. It`s with very well.

Second port from left side in TSX manifold , it is hooked up port from EGR, it is not important. Important is only egg size port for coolant, and this port is in these same please in TSX head and RBC Manifold.....
you can use RSX TB with RBC manifold,

you need bore to bigger diameter bolts hole in manifold,

and use smaller bolts , then you have extra move up,down , left, right throttle body to center air big hole.

works very good, and you don`t must need special adaptor.

Don`t worry about IAC, also works good.
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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