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I tried using the search button but really didn't get the answer I was looking for. I know all about the k20/24 frank and power it makes N/A, but is it possible to make a k24 as powerful or get close to the frank setup? i was thinkin high compression pistons, port polished head, supertec valvetrain, cams, and goin extremely light weight for the shell....any1 can jump in and chime in is this possible to get power or it wont even be close to the frank??:confused::confused::confused:

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the K24 "frank" you speak of is the same exact setup as the K24a2 TSX motor.
The "frank" setup you are reffering to is simply putting a 3 lobe VTEC (intake and exhaust side) head on a 2.4L block that didn't originally come with it. The TSX motor (K24a2) is a 2.4L motor that comes from the factory with the 3 lobe vtec head.

The main reason you see a lot of the "frank" setups is because some times you can piece one together for cheaper than you could find a TSX motor for, or because some of these guys already had a 2L RSX-S swap and just built a 2.4L bottom end to throw in with the setup they already had...

Now if you are asking if you can build a 2.4L motor out of an Accord, Element, or CRV and not use the 3 lobe VTEC head and make that kind of power it is definetly possible but will require a nice mixture of parts, good head work, nice cams, and matching supporting mods and may not be as friendly in the lower RPM ranges (aka not optimal for daily driving)

Does that answer your question?

BTW the shell has no effect on the "power" of the car, no matter how light weight it is...
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