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k24 11.5:1 pistons....what rods??

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i am going to be doing the k24 accord block with k20a2 head and from what i understand i will need to get new pistons since im using the acord block. i want to go ahead and raise the compression to 11.5:1 but i have been having a hard time finding rods. would it be alright to just shot peen the rods to make them stronger? just looking for some options. thanks for any help
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Are you going to stay all motor? Why not go with the cp 12.5 compression pistons? The crower rods will work too since they make them for the k24a. Or the eagle rods I guess as well. I am not sure about the clearance.. It really depends on the cams you are going to be running too.

I would replace the stock rods since you have to take them out anyway. I know that means more $$$ but chanced are you are going to rev it past 8200 once or twice :driving:
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