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Hello there guys and girls,

This is my first post here on K20a, and hoping some of you knowledgeable lot can help me out with my predicament.

Last week I took my fn2 Type R for a trackday at Silverstone - unfortunately this was cut short after an hours running due to cylinder 1 rod bearing deciding it was no longer good for this world. I am led to beleive this is due to the lack of a baffled sump & balance shaft pump fitted as standard. (pics of the damage below)

In order to prevent this happening again - the first plan is to fit a baffle and balance delete.

I have sourced a new engine - in a complete car, that has got no third gear and plan to remove the engine for this to directly transplant into my original car.

I then plan to use my old head to do a k24 frankenstein and aim for 300bhp NA.

I plan to do the engine swap this weekend as i need to get myself back on the road ASAP, however this will all be done on my driveway infront of my garage.

Does anyone have any tips for removing/fitting a K20Z4 engine in an FN2 ? Is it best to remove from above or below ? the same question for re-fitting ?

Thanks in Advance

Andy C
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